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The mission of Neville Junior High School is to provide a safe place where all students can achieve their academic potential.  

NJH Redesign Plan
NJH is a part of a cohort of nine Monroe City School’s in School Redesign for the 2020-2021 school year.  We want to make sure all of our parents are informed about our redesign plan.  Click on the following link for more information: Neville Junior High School Redesign Plan Information

Accessing Your Child's Grades
Parents - your child's schedule should be visible on the student progress center at this time.  Instructions on how to setup/access the student progress center are located at  

Welcome to Neville Junior High!

Because education is a profession dedicated to service, specifically service to the youth, the faculty and administration of Neville Jr. High, hold the following to be basic tenets of our philosophy: 

            1. That education is a service designed to provide each student the maximum

                possible opportunity, commensurate with his/her abilities, for self-development 

                and personal growth in the areas of academic achievement, emotional maturity,

                physical development, moral growth, aesthetic appreciation, ethical codes, and 

                social adaptability.

            2. That each student at Neville Jr. High School should be encouraged to develop a

                positive self-concept, the ability to function adequately as a useful citizen of a

                democratic society, and the desire to contribute individually to one’s society

                and culture.

            3. That the educator best prepared to implement our educational philosophy is one

                who has a high regard for the profession, who derives sincere and profound

                enjoyment from contributing to the development of youth through direct

                contact as well as through a close relationship with those elements of the

                community most highly involved with youth training and development, and

                who is able through integrity and cooperativeness to forge a close working

                relationship with fellow educators.

Mrs. Dana Mullins

Mrs. Patricia Carter
Assistant Principal

Mr. Danzie Pierce
Assistant Principal

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