Coach Grisham N. Lenard

My name is Coach Lenard and I am your child’s 8th grade Louisiana History teacher this year. In addition to teaching History, I will teach etiquette, responsibility, respect and discipline. I have high expectations for all my students and I will challenge them to meet those expectations.  My goals are to teach reading comprehension, writing skills, and verbal expression.  It is my opinion that history is much more than remembering dates, famous people, or who won which war. In our class we will learn about different cultures, customs, traditions and much more. I believe reading history, writing about history, and discussing history will provide students with the necessary tools to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate history.

Throughout this school year I will employ a variety of teaching strategies and instructional methods to achieve these goals. I believe in project based learning activities where students will be expected to participate in classroom activities and discussions. I use videos, maps, music, newspapers, pictures, and a host of other tools to help students visualize the past. In the end, I expect all my students to demonstrate exceptional reading and writing comprehension by applying historical theories and ideas to modern day problems.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.