OnCourse Teacher Websites

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Adams, Judy               Special Services

Anderson, Taylor        ELA

Boley, James              Band

Brown, Karla               Social Studies

Cable, Kellie                Physical Education

Kathy Caldwell            Math

Carter, Patricia            Dean of Students

Chowns, Jana             Business Computer Applications

Kemario Elliott             Physical Education

Ewing, Lyndsey          Science

Fontana, Sherry          ELA

Foster, Kim                 Inclusion

Guillory, Stacey          ELA

Harrod, Ellen               Music

Jenkins, Lommie        Inclusion

Lenard, Grisham        Social Studies

Margrave, Sheri          Orchestra

Matheny, Christa       

McCarty, Christy        ELA

Mitchell, Barry            Physical Education

Morrison, Paula          Math

Nelson, Aletha            Counselor

Nguyen, Christina      ELA

Parks, Larry                Special Services

Pierce, Brandon          Science

Pitts, Tammy              Library

Ratcliff, Laurie            Science

Roberson, Katrina      Science

Robinson, Rachel       Math

Scott, Cindy                ELA

Sparrow, Connie         Special Services

Stone, Crystal             Social Studies

Sutherland, Ginnie      Art

Thompson, Phyllis      Spanish

Vrabel, Nicola             Math

Watson, Debra            Physical Education

White, Brandon           ELA    

Willams, Shantae        ELA

Yesse, Gary                Social Studies