Mrs. Thomas' 7th Grade Math Class

Homework for the Week of
September 19 - 23, 2016

Lesson 9:  Problem Set, # 1- 2

Show all steps taken to rewrite each of the following as a single rational number.

1.  80 + (−22 4/15)

2.  10 + (−3 3/8)


Jamie was working on his math homework with his friend, Kent. Jamie looked at the following problem.

−9.5 − (−8) − 6.5

He told Kent that he did not know how to subtract negative numbers. Kent said that he knew how to solve the problem using only addition. What did Kent mean by that? Explain. Then, show your work, and represent the answer as a single rational number.


Multiplying Integers Worksheet


Study for Test covering Lessons 9-11

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