Mrs. Conville
‚ÄčHi, I'm Kacie Conville and I teach 7th grade math.  This is my 4th year teaching math and my first year at Lee Junior High.  I'm so excited to be here and look forward to this year!

I have high expectations for all of my students and they should come into my classroom ready to learn. As a teacher I strive to offer my students an engaging classroom experience.

I will offer grades based off weekly tests and quizzes and a 9 weeks homework grade. I also offer a 50 point a week bell ringer grade for both my math class and math lab. This grade consists of review questions that will be answered together in class.  

Class schedule:
7:29 - 8:20 1st Period - Math
8:24 - 9:12 2nd Period - Arts and Crafts   
9:16 - 10:04 3rd Period - Math
10:08 - 10:56 4th Period - Math
10:56 - 11:21 First Lunch
11:30 - 12:13 Planning Period
12:17 - 1:05 6th Period - Math Lab
1:09 - 1:57 7th Period Math Lab
2:01 - 2:49 8th Period Math Lab

Please feel free to contact me by phone (318-325-0601 ext. 2128) or by email (