Ms. Guillory's ELA Page

Hold on, here we go!
Next stop, knowledge!
--Finding Nemo

Read 180/ELA

S. Guillory
Room 16

How can you help your student become a lifelong reader?

  • The Daily Read: Make reading a daily activity by reading to, or with, your child for 20 minutes every day.
  • Fast and Fun Reads: Use magazines, newspapers, comic books, recipes, TV schedules, travel guides, and road signs as reading opportunities, wherever you are and whatever you and your child are doing.
  • The Movie or the Book: Rent videos or DVDs on a topic that your child is interested in. Find books on a similar topic.
  • Read and Ride: Listen to books on tape or CD while traveling by car. Or bring a personal player with earphones for your child to listen to books while on a train or plane.
  • Read and Chat: Talk about what your child is reading. Ask questions about the characters or what happens in the story.   
  • Thank you for your support in making reading and the goals of READ 180 important at home as well as in the classroom.