Mrs. Ellen Mitchell

Following is a description of each of the courses I teach.  I have taught at Lee Jr. High School since 2007, and love my job and the students I have been privileged to teach. 

Journalism (HC):
Students explore writing in many formats.  Skills and the responsibility it takes to be a journalist are learned as they build and create the school yearbook using advanced online software.  This course will also allow the student to finish the year with a high school credit.

:  Students gain the unique opportunity to explore, develop, and use their musical talents in a safe and encouraging envirmonment.  They also learn what it means to work together as a team for the good of all and help each other reach successfully a common goal.  The Lee Tiger Choir competes each year at local festivals and has for 9 years straight achieved Superior and Excellent trophies.

Piano Lab:  Students are in a lab setting where every piano player is provided a piano and headphones.  Each student is worked with on an individual basis and also given several opportunities to play as a class.  Several recitals throughout the year are held to allow family members and friends to hear and be amazed as their students' talents progress.