Mrs. Vrabel's Math Class

WELCOME to my class.  I am Nicola Vrabel, the 7th GT math teacher.


With the new year, the push is on to work hard.  We work Louisiana math standards by using the Eureka Math Curriculum in 7th grade.  While math can be a challenge, students will find success if they study daily, get tutoring when needed, and NEVER get behind.  It is imperative that homework be completed daily.   Expect a phone call from your child if they do not have their homework!  I look forward to a great working relationship with both students and parents.

This is my 24th  year of teaching.  I am certified and highly qualified to teach math grades 7-12.  I am also gifted certified and have a bachelors and masters degree.   

My schedule is:

1st - 7th math
2nd - 7th math lab
3rd - 7th math
4th - 7th math lab
5th - planning

7th - MLK 7th math
8th - MLK 7th lab

Please feel free to contact me at