Coach Watson's P. E. Class

               Welcome Parents and Teachers to my website
     My name is Debra Watson. I teach 7th grade girl's Health and P.E. at Lee Jr. High. I have been teaching for 18 years. I am currently the girl's head basketball and track coach. You may contact me at 323-1143,ext. 2145 between 10:00-11:00 A.M.

          Schedule       Subject       Time
          1st Period:      H&PE        7:29-8:20
          2nd Period:     H&PE        8:24-9:12
          3rd Period:      H&PE        9:16-10:04
          4th Period:    Planning      10:08-11:21
          5th Period:      H&PE        11:25-12:13
          6th Period:      H&PE        12:17-1:05
          7th Period:      H&PE        1:09-1:57
          8th Period:      H&PE        2:01-2:49
     Students dress out everyday except on Friday. Students write in journals and do health assignments on Friday. Students are given a weekly grade for dressing out and class participation. Students also receive a grade each nine weeks for journal writing. Students take health test at least twice per nine weeks.