Coach Cable's PE Class

 Lee Jr.High School -- Kellie Cable

   Girl's Physical Education:


     1st,4th,5th,6th,7th -- regular physical education

     8th -- conditioning/athletic physical education


      2nd -- 2nd semester 7th grade history


      3rd -- planning period




   Students will need:

      1. p.e. uniform for class. Students may use previous year uniform.

           purchase only through PE. class -- $25 : top $10, bottoms $15

               Deadline is fast approaching: Sept. 1,2015 placement of orders


      2. students will only need a pen or pencil at times for written assignments within class period.

         Everything else will be  provided by the teacher.



   I am available for conference at anytime. Just call ahead so I will be able to make arrangements to meet with you.


   contact: Kellie Cable

      318-323-1143 ext: 2113