Mr. White's 7th Grade English and Reading Class

Welcome to my teacher page!  I am Mr. White, and I have been teaching for 12 years.  I currently teach 7th grade English and reading at Lee Junior High School.  Each year my students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of literature and English through a variety of methods. 

It's been a great year so far! I have enjoyed working with each student this year.  They are a really special group and I think the world of each one of them.  We are reading A Christmas Carol and as the year continues beyond the holidays, we will be continuing to study nonfiction moving back a bit further in time to the 1930's with Bad Boy

We will trek back even further to the 1800's with Frederick Douglas.  Weekly writings/bellringers/grammar practice will continue sporadically depending on the week's subject and quizzes will continue throughout the year requiring students to find evidence based on their answers and make logical inferences.  We also use google classroom so if your student needs to make up any work or wants to see how they performed on the writings assigned there, they can access that anywhere.  I am looking forward to another semester of seeing what these excellent students are capable of.  If you need me, feel free to e-mail at or call the school at 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Please be sure your student is reading his or her novel daily for 20 minutes Monday - Friday.  AR is ongoing throughout the year and your student can never read too much.  Thanks. 

You can see the student homework and test calendar at