Welcome Parents!

Parents play an important part in the education process.  It is extremely important for parents to be actively involved in the education of the child by making school visits and attending open houses and meetings.  Please check the calendar for upcoming events you can attend. 

Below is a list of links that can provide some very beneficial information.  Please take time to use these links to maximize your child's education.

Parent Command Center - provides direct access to your child's grades, attendance, and discipline records

Monroe City Schools - provides information about the district in which your child attends school

Ouachita Parish Public Library - provides a useful link to the parish library from which students may search the card catalog and place holds on books

Louisiana Department of Education - the governing body of all education in the state of Louisiana

Your Child and the Internet 

Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet? Do you know if your child has a Facebook page? Do you know who your child talks to on Facebook? Do you know what your child talks about on Facebook? Are you one of your child's friends on Facebook?

Do you know what cyberbullying is? Did you know that cyberbullying is a crime punishable by law?

If you don't know the answer to any of these questions or if you don't know how to find the answer to any of these questions please feel free to contact our Dean of Students, Patti Carter, to get the answers to your questions. 


Parents: Please feel free to contact us at 323-1143 to schedule a visit to tour our school, meet with the teachers, or to gather any information.