Lee P.T.O. works closely with Dana Mullins and her staff to continue to improve the experience of each child enrolled in Lee Junior High School.  Our goal is to enhance the entire educational experience at Lee. Through our work, we will be able to make improvements where ever the school system may fall short. Our children deserve the BEST! Together, we can help Lee prepare them for the brightest future possible.

Studies have shown that children whose parents are involved in their education have higher grades, and are more likely to graduate than those whose parents are not involved. They have higher self esteem, are more motivated and are less likely to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. Parental involvement outweighs cultural background, income and educational levels of parents as a positive influence on children.

Joining the P.T.O. is a great way to learn about what is happening at your child's school and to meet other parents. Being an active member tends to help parents feel more self-confident and in control. It is a way to expand your network of friends as well as business contacts. Having an active and thriving P.T.O. also increases teacher moral and makes a school more productive.

A strong P.T.O. makes it possible to combine the wealth of talents, skills, creativity and resources of our parents and teachers toward our common goal of providing the BEST education for all of our children.

Unfortunately, being a parent of junior high school aged children automatically categorizes each of us as an embarrassment. This however does not mean it is time to step aside. It means that we must look even harder and deeper for ways to stay involved in the lives of our children.

Join the P.T.O.! It's one of the best things you can do for your child.