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The Monroe City School System cell phone app is now available in the ios App Store and the Google Store.
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As mandated by the U.S. Department of Education, LA GEAR UP must administer surveys to parents and students as part of GEAR UP’s Annual Performance Report.  The purpose of this survey is to gather data and feedback regarding the LA GEAR UP program at your child’s school. Your child’s name will not be published in any report.  The information you provide will only be viewed by the researchers.  The survey can be accessed online from a computer, tablet or smartphone and should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete. 
You can find the parent survey here:


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Truancy Info:

Truancy has been a major obstacle in the United States for hundreds of years, ever since the state of Massachusetts ratified the first law making education compulsory for children. What is truancy? Well, truancy is typically considered to be the willful and/or unauthorized absence of a student from his/her school or other educational establishment. Currently, absence of the aforementioned type is illegal in all states, after the U.S. realized the importance of educating its populace. However, after a multitude of decades dealing with the education system, the country is still trying to stifle the gargantuan problem truancy is. One may want to know why education is such a big deal. After all, what’s the point of learning if one could just go play a professional sport to make a living? Well the list of benefits from becoming knowledgeable is, almost literally, endless. For example, if a man wanted to play Major League Baseball, he would have to have an education to fill out his paperwork. If he decided, since he couldn’t do it himself, to let someone else do it for him, he might end up with a terrible contract that leaves him homeless by next season. Actually, even before that would happen, the man wouldn’t be allowed in the league, since the organization only takes in educated people. The irony of it is that studies show that truancy corresponds with both school dropout rates and crime percentages, and not in a good way, either. One could say that truancy is the bane of progress, which would make sense due to the amount of unemployed people it would and does cause. To put it simply, the less one is in school, the less likely he/she is going to go onto do something great. How do you solve the problem of truancy? To be honest, the question’s answer is quite obvious. Stay in school! The best thing that you can do for yourself, and your future in general, is to make use of what you have now! Aspire to learn more, to attend all of your classes, to excel in your studies, and, of course, to get Perfect Attendance. Furthermore, if not able to get Perfect Attendance due to medical complications or sporadic family events, try to get as close as you can. A person can’t always attend, for whatever reason, but they can always try to be at school as much as possible. If everybody pitches in to their fullest capability, the problem of truancy is bound to dissipate, and, ultimately, disappear.

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